KB’s first So Cal Beach center visit!

Last weekend the Kauai Bikini Beach Volleyball Tournament made its first stop in San Marcos. It looks like everyone had a great time. We hosted 10 clubs at the event with one team coming all the way from Arizona! We will be back in November and hope to see everyone again soon!

July 30th 2019 National Kauai Bikini Tournament

Thank you to everyone who came for the college coaches clinic and the Kauai Bikini National Tournament! We had players from Arizona, California, Florida, Ontario Canada, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Virginia! We hope everyone had a great day with coaches on site from Pepperdine, LMU, Cal Poly, Long Beach State, Texas Christian University, Vanguard University, Boise State, Cal State Northridge, Missouri State, and Texas A&M Corpus Christi! This was a big turn out for coaches at our event and we hope everyone had their chance to get noticed!

The event results are available above, and are permanently available. We also have some photos to share from the event below. Click each photo to for the full size version! VIDEO of select games at the end of the page.

We have events in San Marcos and Santa Monica coming soon!

Thank You Yoga Strong!

Today Yoga Strong came to our Kauai Bikini beach volleyball tournament to help our players warm up for playoffs!

Thank you so much for coming out to help our players be ready for playoffs and make sure they stay injury free! Yoga Strong also provided free session gift certificates for prizes.

You can reach Yoga Strong at 310-701-1139 or by emailing yogastrongla@gmail.com. Give them a call an schedule a session to help mind and body stay healthy.


July 2nd Kauai Bikini Championship

This was the first day we had real sun on the beach in a very long time. This was a special event, it was the last event where you can win a free Kauai Bikini bottom by winning by 15 points!

May 25th 2019 Tournament

There’s only one more event to earn points and raise your seed before the first Kauai Bikini Championship event. This will be the only championship event that is open for all. Starting in 2020 the national championship will be a bid only event, no exceptions. The 2019 championships on July 2nd will be an important day for players that want a serious accomplishment for their beach volleyball career. Starting in 2020, this will be an exclusive, event for pre-qualified bid earning athletes that have come in first through third place in their division. This season is your one and only chance to play in the first championship without earning a bid first.

We can’t wait to see everyone again on June 15th for the last event before this years championship! BVNE would like to thank VBCrazy for stopping by, taking photos and providing them for free! Below are all the photos we have so far…

Details from March 30th, 2019

Here are the photos and videos we have from the event. Results in our ranking system are available here, and the results page on this website. You can also check out our compilation video here on YouTube!

February 2nd Kauai Bikini Event

This was truly an epic day. On February 2nd under driving rain and under 1,300 square feet of tents the Kauai Bikini Tournament brought serious competitors to Santa Monica California from states and provinces from coast to coast. First, an important thank you to the dad/coach who helped protect our tents from being flooded out. Not everyone helps out especially when no one is there to see it or say thank you. Then you let us know what was happening and never even took credit for how much work you did. We were able to have a great and uninterrupted event for the players to shine through the rain because of your help. Next, another important thank you to Steven Ascher from King & Queen of the beach® for bringing a huge supply of tents to help players, parents, and coaches on a rainy weekend. Thank you both from BVNE™.

At 9:30, balls were in the air at the Kauai Bikini Tournament! This wasn’t just rain. Bad weather for sure! These players showed how well organized they are and the quality family support these players came to the event with. You can’t make it through a rainy day alone, and these players, who travelled so far, seemed to be very prepared for an event in uncontrollable weather, just like gulf shores a few years ago. We hope you all take those skills with you through college!

At the end of the day the sun came out for a while and the sunset college coaches clinic with USC’s Gustavo Rocha went until about 5:20 pm. Most, maybe all of these players had just spent the day at the Kauai Bikini Tournament in the pounding rain. Even so they still had a great experience with a coach who has been to the championships with USC legend Anna Collier.

To all the players, parents, and coaches, a big thank you from BVNE. You were traveling from some places where the day before it was thirty degrees below zero. Rain was forecast for the event weekend and you put your trust in BVNE to bring you a great event after your hard work getting to Santa Monica. Everyone weathered the storm and showed college coaches who where in attendance both days that BVNE players come prepared and ready for collegiate level athletics.

Mental Performance Consulting by Seth Rose Feb 2nd & 3rd 2019

BVNE is proud to host Transition Performance at the college recruiting showcase this February 3rd, and the Kauai Bikini Tournament on February 2nd!

Seth Rose specializes in Mental Performance Consulting and Sport Psychology Services to help athletes perform at their highest potential when it matters most or in high pressure situations. He’s worked with multiple levels and sports including elite level high school athletes from IMG Sports Academy, Division 1 athletics, and Olympic hopefuls.

You can see what they are all about on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All the details are on their website at www.transitionperformance.org or via email at transitionyourperformance@gmail.com. Thank you Seth for spending your time with BVNE athletes!