KB Event Schedule


Our schedule has been updated. If you are unable to make that date, full refunds or transfers to secure your spot are available.

If we need to push back further we have dates in August, September & of course October. Will expect to know by June 1st which way will be proceeding.

This is an exclusive event for Kauai Bikini. BVNE is the only host of the Kauai Bikini Tournament. We hope to see you there!

Event Schedule and Registration Links

2020 Events

Jul 2, Santa Monica California

July  9th

July 27-28, Bid Only National Championships

August 6th

Aug 23, Santa Monica California

Oct 24, National Event, Santa Monica California

Nov 15, Santa Monica California

Dec 27, Santa Monica California

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Map links are available on the BVNE Schedule page on bvne.org…or just click here!

When reporting your scores one player form each team needs to report the final score. Make sure to check your scores before we go into finals. Once in finals corrections will not be made.


Simplified Age Cutoffs

Your age must match the division you signed up for on the day you will play. So for example, if you are 14 on the day you play, and will be 15 the day after, you can play in the 14 U division.